MM Distribution manufacture, market and distribute all-natural products. The company, owned by a band member of Henvey Inlet First Nation, has a proven global track record of maintaining exceptional standards, high-quality product, and providing complete customer satisfaction. The encompassing theme of MM Distribution is the use of organic materials found in nature as the basis for all of their products.

Our all-natural products provide a whole range of benefits for both men and women. The medical professionals in our R&D department have carefully selected and tested all our items. We ensure not only the purity and quality of each product but also that the existing scientific literature supports the benefits listed.

We create all the MM Distribution products in our own laboratories. Our medical experts, specialists in a variety of fields, oversee all production and testing. Our diverse range of all-natural, organic products provides you with the nutritional benefits of the organic vitamins, minerals and other natural nutrients contained in our merchandise. MM Distribution provides you with a natural, chemical-free way to support a healthier lifestyle.