UP2 (VIP Pack)

UP2 will help erase those conditions and restore you to having a healthy desire for sexual activity. If you are experiencing dryness and discomfort in the genital area, UP2 addresses that issue as well. You can use UP2 as a situational aid or you can take it regularly for its effects to last permanently. After taking a capsule with water, preferably on an empty stomach, you can expect the full potency of UP2 in one to two hours. The effectiveness of UP2 will last for up to 72 hours. So, if you take a pill every three or four days you will permanently enhance your sex life.


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Ultimate Pleasure 2 (UP2) is a premier sexual enhancement product designed specifically for use by men and women. UP2 will restore your sense of arousal and desire for sex along with giving you the ability to produce healthy and firm erections that lead to satisfying orgasms for you and your partner.

The results have found that the combination of all-natural ingredients are converted into male hormones once they enters the body, which results in the promotion of erotic feelings, and could even act as a remedy for stress, fatigue and other common conditions that hinder male sexual performance.


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